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We, Thermvac Inc. are the frontier who has raised vacuum furnace industry to a higher level in Korea, having started from early copy manufacturing stage and now getting into take-off stage developing new furnace types based on our own design and engineering capability.
Responding to requirements from emerging new materials business, we have kept developing various vacuum furnaces for new materials and now have full line-up of sintering, dewax & sintering, pressure, ultra high temperature, CVD coating and crystal growing.
2014 year, Korean government designated Thermvac as a developer of national infra equipment for heat treatment process, 20 Bar gas quenching heavy duty vacuum furnace. When completing this development project in two years, Thermvac expect having global competitiveness of overall vacuum furnaces, not only for new materials but also for conventional heat treatment.

Thermvac inc.
InSeok Choi / CEO

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